Quality Assurance Commission Duties and Responsibilities


DEPARTMENT QUALITY COMMISSION: To provide consultancy support in designing and developing academic and administrative quality processes in line with the strategic plans and objectives of our university and monitoring the relevant studies in accordance with the determined work schedule. To organize all the work to be carried out within the relevant scope.
To ensure the establishment and maintenance of quality assurance principles and system in the department,
– Working together with university and deanery quality commissions; To carry out studies in line with the procedures and principles determined by these commissions,

– To carry out all kinds of studies to evaluate academic and administrative services, improve their quality and approve the quality level, in line with the strategic plan and objectives of the unit and the institution, and to ensure that the institution is successful in national and international rating studies, and to provide all kinds of support to the university and deanery Quality Commissions in these studies,

– Conducting academic and administrative internal evaluation studies,

– To announce the decisions of the University and Deanship Quality Commission to the relevant department, to follow their implementations and to monitor the results of these practices,

ACCREDITATION COMMISSION: To organize the curriculum of the Sociology Department undergraduate program in line with the accreditation criteria and FEDEK studies. To examine the department in terms of academic development, regulation, innovation and curriculum compatibility and to make plans to regularly make improvements in the context of innovations.
Carrying out departmental accreditation studies,
To ensure the coordinated preparation of documents and materials needed for accreditation evaluations,
To follow the current developments in accreditation studies, to determine the needs and to take the necessary measures,
To ensure coordination, monitoring, evaluation and development of accreditation studies,
To ensure the preparation of the FEDEK Department Self-Assessment Report and, when necessary, the Interim Report and to carry out these studies together with the department faculty members,
To organize the Department inspection and evaluation visit to be made by FEDEK.
EDUCATION COMMISSION: To ensure that the education and training activities of department students are carried out by using existing resources effectively and efficiently. .
Evaluating courses according to FEDEK criteria,
Determining information regarding horizontal and vertical transfers, conducting the evaluation of double major, horizontal and vertical transfer applications,
To ensure that student meetings are held at the end of the academic year and suggestions for improvement are received,
To ensure that the improvement suggestions to be made in the consultancy system according to the student-advisor communication process are reflected in the internal stakeholder cycle,
To ensure that applications related to the main design experience envisaged by FEDEK are monitored and development suggestions are made,
Ensuring that educational objectives and program outcomes are updated by meeting with class representatives,
To develop suggestions for updating surveys related to education and training,
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMMISSION: The duty of this commission is to plan and organize, together with internal and external stakeholders, all kinds of social and cultural events that may be effective in social contribution and preparing students for the future. To carry out activities to raise awareness through volunteering and social responsibility projects.
a) To direct department students and faculty members to social responsibility projects that they are interested in and may be interested in,
b) To create awareness of social responsibility in department students and faculty members,
c) To remind department students and faculty members of their role model potential in society,
d) By benefiting from the sociocultural and academic knowledge of department students and faculty members; To provide the ability to produce solutions to problems through teamwork,
e) With the social responsibility projects developed; To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all segments of society, especially children, women, youth, elderly and disabled people,
f) To carry out scientific research, application and training studies in line with these purposes,
g) To increase the recognition of the University and Faculty and department and to ensure their integration with society.
ADVISORY BOARD: To provide opinions and suggestions on various issues, primarily education-training, research activities and service offerings in the relevant department.
To carry out studies with external stakeholders on quality assurance, accreditation studies and regulation of education and training with innovative policies,
Working with university and deanery advisory boards,
Making plans to meet department needs,
To provide support for application studies in the relevant field by collaborating with institutions and organizations outside the university.